Tacobel Venture Limited is a company incorporated under the laws and Allied matters in Nigeria. Tacobel, is endowed with multi-disciplinary consortium of experts comprising: Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Architect, Civil, Quality Surveyors, and Urban Planners whose experiences in the industry span many years and numerous project in various sectors such as Environment, Energy, Security, Marketing, Geo-mining, Financing and Trade Merchants.

Tacobel specializes in the area of Project Development, Finance and Management. Our goal is geared towards Urban Development especially in the area of social and physical infrastructures such as Housing, schools, Roads, Water, Energy, Transportation, Waste Management, Industry, Tourism and Employment Agency.

Tacobel’s mission is to enhance the social-economic growth of the nation by providing excellent SOLID WASTE/ELECTRIC POWER GENERATION and ESTATE DEVELOPMENT. The company is focused on delivering true value and quality service to the Nigeria public and therefore constantly monitors and improves her service thereby building lasting relationships and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tacobel has long been committed to providing high-quality services and high-quality processes for services delivery. Our firm issued a quality initiative in 2003, underscoring Tacobel long-standing focus on the principles of total quality management.


The quality of putting our country first at all times, because we love Nigeria and Africa and we are proud of it. Tacobel internal system has also been set up to facilitate and stimulate the development of local skills and resources thereby creating more wealth for the nation.

Our people are provided with resources and training that ensures we consistently produce standard result, which usually meet or exceeds the expectation of our client. We therefore have confidence in our system and this as also made us fit to be relied upon by local and national clients.

Tacobel has developed a reputation of being an organization that is transparent in all their dealings. This quality of being sincere and having strong moral principles was built over the years. This quality is usually raised higher by excellent services rendered to a satisfied customer.


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